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3D Liners Reviews

 by Richard M. Haydel on Floor Liners

Great mats! I love the way they fit the floor area in front. I will definitely purchase the cargo liner as well, once it becomes available.

 by Thomas C. Conway on Floor Liners

I ordered these floor liners in tan for the 1st and 2nd row of my 2017 MKZ, and they look and fit great.

 by Donald E. Sellers on Floor Liners for Honda Accord

I have a 2022 Accord. These are great floor mats for the price. Giving you 4 stars, because I had to wait for the shipment for 6 days.

 by Stanley C. King on Floor Liners for Honda Accord

I have a 2018 Honda Accord, and I totally love how these floor liners fit my vehicle. Plus, they do not slide around and stay in place, which is very important for me.

 by Ross J. Carman on Floor Liners for Ford Focus

These mats fit perfectly and do not have that rubber smell. Plus, they are very pleasant to step on. I think of purchasing the same quality cargo liner for my Focus next month.

 by Thomas T. Atwell on Floor Liners for Ford Focus

I've had these 3D Maxpider floor mats in my Focus for a month already, and I totally love how they fit every curve of my floor area. They are soft to step on. No smell.

 by Davis A. Sherrill on Floor Liners

The best all-weather rubber mats I've ever had!

 by Jeremy E. Valerio on Floor Liners

I love the way these floor liners fit! Plus, quick delivery and great packaging. I got them a couple of days ago, hope they will serve for years. Thank you!

 by Susie L. Spencer on Floor Liners

These are the best floor liners I've ever had in my vehicle. I am using only the 1st row and a cargo liner, everything in black colors.

 by John N. Jones on Floor Liners for Chrysler Pacifica

Great floor mats. They look and feel way better, than the Husky liners I had in my previous vehicle. They look smooth and clean, without rubber commercial 'pattern', and are soft to touch and step on.

 by Anna J. Carlberg on Floor Liners

Great products for a reasonable price. I got the 1st and 2nd rows for my Equinox but will buy a cargo liner next month.

 by Denna J. Glynn on Floor Liners

Thank you for the great floor liners! They are very soft, do not have that rubber smell, and fit perfectly. Great product!

 by Hazel Guin on Floor Liners

I have Weathertech floor liners in my Fusion, and have recently bought a cargo liner from 3D Maxpider. It is way softer, and bags and all the stuff I have in my trunk do not slide around and stay in place. I will replace Weathertech mats with yours with time.

 by Dorothy T. Strong on Floor Liners

I ordered these floor liners in black for my daughter's Ford Fusion. I've got the 1st row only, installed and I totally love how they fit. Plus, they do not slide all around. We will buy a set for the 2nd row shortly.

I ordered a set of these for my new Buick. They fit like a glove and look great. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I was with these. My 2005 Tahoe had, Weather Tech liners and I think these fit better. You will love them.

 by Gregory Lerma on Floor Liners

I love the way these mats fit. No spaces for the spills to get under them and spoil my stock carpeting.

I ordered a complete set for the Wrangler Unlimited. The mats are not cheap if you want everything covered, but the quality is well worth the money. Plus, I haven't found another brand that would offer that large mat for the rear of my Wrangler.

I ordered a complete set for my Explorer, and love the way this product fits. The liners do not stink, are easy to install and clean. Will be ordering another set for my Passat soon.

5 stars. Quick shipping, great packaging, fast delivery. Ordered from Amazon. They've been in our Encore for more than a year, no signs of wear/holes so far.

I ordered a set of tan smartliner floor mats for my Accord, and they fit great. I have 2 kids and a dog, and I love that all dirt and trash can be easily thrown away, as everything's collected in the liners because of those edges. Love the mats and that light tan color.

 by Gary Hills on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

I have a complete set of your Kagu liners (first row, second row, frunk and trunk). They are great, align perfectly!

 by Tory Jenkins on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

The best floor mats for 2021 Model 3 ever!

 by Harry Winchester on Floor Liners for Honda Odyssey

Great mats! Perfect fit and odorless.

 by Darrin M. on Floor Liners for Honda Fit

I love your beige liners, and I wish I could get a set for my Fit. Now I have black ones, but beige would better match the interior.

I have a small kid, and tried lot of floor mats. Yours fit perfectly, so even when my son spills Cola, it stays in the mat and will not spill all the way round

Thank you guys!

 by Roy Wesley on Floor Liners for Ford Focus

I have recently bought a set of black floor liners for my 2021 Ford Focus RS. They fit great, and I will be back to buy a cargo liner from you guys.

 by Chris Nelson on Floor Liners

I have a set of universal floor liners by 3D Maxpider in my brand new 2021 Challenger. I had to trim them a bit, yet I love how they fit! No rubber smell.

I used to have these floor liners in my older Pacifica (2018). Now I've got a new one (2021), and I plan on buying a complete set of Kagu liners and a trunk liner.

I picked up these Smartliners for the F-150, which is our work truck. 5 stars, as they fit great, do not stink even when it gets hot here in CA and do not slide under the pedals. They are flexible and easy to take in and out, no that cheap plastic feeling.

 by Bill K. Lytle on Floor Liners for Tesla Model X

Great floor mats at a great price. Way cheaper and better, than stock rubber mats.

 by Eunice F. Cruz on Floor Liners for Tesla Model S

Great mats

 by Amanda J. Grayson on Floor Liners for Tesla Model X

I recommend these Kagu mats as the best ones for the Model X!

 by Richard Taylor on Floor Liners

Nice mats at a fair price. Even the universal ones are good. I did not expect such quality J

 by Faye C. Lohr on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

I have just got a frunk liner for my Model 3, and it is awesome!

 by Raymond Brown on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

I have a complete set of your Kagu liners in my Model 3, and I like how they fit. I wish I could grab a set in tan. But the ones I have in black are good as well.

 by Gregorio Vernon on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

I totally love your Kagu mats. Great product for the 2021 Tesla Model 3. They could offer them as OEM mats I think. Way better than the factory Tesla mats.

 by Tammie T. Beckford on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

I had a set of your Kagu floor mats in my 2018 Model 3, and I must say these are the best floor liners I've ever had! Now I am looking for a set for my brand new 2021 Tesla 3.

 by Mary M. McCain on Floor Liners

I love these mats. They look great and do not stink...

 by Marilyn A. Thorton on Floor Liners

Great mats. I wish you had a custom-fit front row set for my Challenger, but the universal ones are good as well.

 by Elizabeth M. Vaughan on Floor Liners for Honda Accord

I was lucky to grab a full set of your floor liners in gray, as they are usually sold out. So, I had to order them on Amazon and wait for 2 weeks or so. Well, now I have great floor liners. In grey, they never look too dusty.

 by Ronald E. Keith on Floor Liners for Dodge Ram 1500

These mats fit great and perfectly align with the contour of the 1st row floor area. 2nd row fitment is good, yet there are still tiny gaps, if you look closer. Overall, I like your product.

 by Minnie C. Davis on Floor Liners for Dodge Ram 1500

I have just got these liners for my Ram and I love the material. They do not have that rubber smell and fit great! I recommend your mats for the 1500....

 by Irene M. Fitzpatrick on Floor Liners for Honda Accord

I had OEM Honda floor mats when I bought my Accord. I don't like their shape, as stock mats are flat. So, I went to Accord forum and saw a lot of greta reviews and decided to give them a try. Well, these mats are just awesome.

 by Mary D. Reedy on Floor Liners for Ford Focus

I've got tan mats in my Focus. I've had them for 2 weeks already, and must admit, that these are te best rubber mats I could get for my vehicle. They are not too rugged and look right. Hope they will last long enough.

 by Kiera J. Velez on Floor Liners for Chrysler Pacifica

Great floor mats. I love this 3D shape and edges that catch everything. I have 2 kids and one lab, and I am happy that I bought these liners. Even though they are not cheap haha

 by Carl T. Watson on Floor Liners for Honda Odyssey

Great floor liners for those, who have a large family. And if you have kids who spill milk and Cola all the way. J

 by Janet L. Tooley on Floor Liners for Chrysler Pacifica

I love the floor liners for the 1st row and my cargo liner. I hope one day I will order the 2nd row as well. Cheers!

 by Melissa Whitlow on Floor Liners for Ford Focus

I've had your black 3d liners in my 2016 Focus and totally love how they worked for me. Now, I have just got a brand new 2021 Ford Focus and I hope you will release the mats for the '21 Focus soon. I am eager to get a full set with a cargo liner!

 by Thelma Paterson on Floor Liners for Tesla Model S

I totally love how the tan Kagu liners fit my Model S. I wish I could get the liners for the front and rear trunks in tan as well.

I am totally happy about these floor liners. They look great, fit perfectly and they do not have that stinky rubber smell some cheaper mats have. I hope they will last, as I love them!

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3D Liners are available for the most popular cars, trucks and SUVs that are used by the Americans. These mats are a popular and cost-effective alternative to Weathertech, and unlike Husky liners do not contain any components that fall under the Prop 65. 3D MAXpider mats fit right and protect floor area from dirt, dust, slush, particles, etc. You can check the floor mats for your vehicle to determine, whether that is the look you are into.