Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

Tesla vehicles are not only eco-friendly, fast and innovational, they are also convenient and created for those, who purchase a vehicle not just as means of transportation, but also for fun. When you purchase your Model 3, you definitely want to keep it looking new and fresh as long as possible.

One of the first things that shows age of the vehicle is its interior. Spills, dirt, odour quickly get into the factory carpeting and can decrease the resale value of your Tesla Model 3 in future. On one hand, you can pick a set of factory carpeted mats. But flat mats won’t protect your Model 3 in winter or from Cola kids can spill on the floor. On the other hand, you can pick a set of molded floor liners for Tesla Model 3. They will fit right and get dirt inside, as raised edges won’t allow anything get on the factory carpeting (at least, if you buy custom-fit liners). But think of the look and whether you are ready to tolerate heavy-duty molded liners in your Model 3.

If you do not like both options, you’ve come to the right place! 3D MAXpider floor mats offer ultimate floor area protection and look right in the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 3D MAXpider Kagu Floor Mats


Kagu Floor Liners for 2018 Tesla Model 3: Part Numbers

RowColorPart #Price
1st rowblackL1TL00411509CHECK PRICE
2nd rowblackL1TL00421509CHECK PRICE
1 & 2 rowblackL1TL00401509CHECK PRICE
Cargo LinerblackMAX232263COMING SOON
Frunk LinerblackMAX229833COMING SOON

3D MAXpider floor mats: Features

You are welcome to consider 3D floor mats for Tesla as a quality, lasting and affordable alternative to the factory floor mats. Here are 5 good reasons to think of purchasing 3D floor mats for Tesla from us:

  1. Laser measurement ensures precise fit of the floor mats;
  2. 3D MAXpider floor mats will not interfere with pedals and will not slide due to unique patented retention system;
  3. 3D MAXpider Kagu floor liners do not look commercial or heavy-duty and match Tesla 3 interior without adding that rugged look;
  4. Model 3 floor mats we carry are non-toxic and none of the components used in manufacturing falls under Prop 65 warning;
  5. Tesla floor mats we carry are available in 3 most popular colors: black, gray and tan.

Tesla Model 3

At the moment, 3D MAXpider manufacturing facility experiences extremely high demand for the Model 3 floor mats, so there may occur certain delays in shipping. When ordering your set of floor mats through a retailer or from Amazon, see the estimated shipping date on the site. 3D MAXpider facility does their best to speed up shipments, though certain delays may occur due to high demand for the Model 3 floor mats.

3D MAXpider floor liners for Model 3: Benefits

If you still haven’t decided, whether 3D MAXpider floor liners are worth being installed into your Model 3, consider the list of benefits you get along with the new set of floor liners.

  • Protection from spills, slush and dirt: raised edges do not allow moisture get on the factory carpeting.
  • 3D MAXpider mats are not only non-toxic, but also completely odour-free.
  • Perfect fit: laser measurement of the floor area allows 3D MAXpider to manufacture mats that will fit perfectly.
  • Classic design. Both Kagu and Classic floor liners by 3D MAXpider look sporty yet classic and do not look too rugged for the classy yet hi-tech interior of the Model 3.
  • Ease of installation. 3D MAXpider floor mats do not require any special tools or skills to be installed into the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3: Things to know, Questions & Answers

Like every Tesla, the Model 3 became another eco-friendly fully-electric vehicle introduced by Tesla in 2018. Here are some things that you may want to know about it.

  1. The Tesla Model 3 was developed as an affordable electric car.
  2. Prices for the Model 3 start from $49.000.
  3. In the base, the range of the Model 3 is 220 miles.
  4. Acceleration of the Model 3 is 5.6 seconds to get from 0 to 60 mph.
  5. Top speed of the Model 3 in the base is 130 mph.

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about the Tesla Model 3:

Q: Is Tesla Model 3 all-wheel drive?

A: In the standard trim level the Model 3 is RWD. However, the all-wheel drive is available as an option.

Q: How fast is the Tesla Model 3?

A: Top speed of the Model 3 in the standard trim level is 130 mph (210 km/h), while acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is 5.6 seconds in the same trim level.

Q: Are all Teslas electric?

A: Yes. All vehicles produced by Tesla are electric. Tesla does not produce gasoline, diesel or hybrid engines. Being all-electric is the key feature of the Tesla vehicles.

Q: How much is the Tesla Model 3?

A: The price of the Tesla Model 3 depends on the trim level and specs you add to the standard range. But the prices in the U.S. start from $49.000.

Q: What’s the range of the Tesla Model 3?

A: The range of the Model 3 depends on the trim level.

  • Standard battery RWD: 220 miles/350 km;
  • Standard battery AWD: 220 miles/350 km;
  • Long Range battery RWD: 334 miles/538 km combined city and highway;
  • Long Range battery AWD: 308 miles/496 km combined city and highway;
  • Long Range battery Performance AWD: 308 miles/496 km combined city and highway.


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Floor Liners in Tesla 3: Photos and Reviews

These are black Kagu floor liners purchased by one of Tesla Model 3 owners.
These are black Kagu floor liners installed by one of Tesla Model 3 owners. These floor liners match the carbon fiber wrap on the dash.
The pictures were taken by one of Tesla Model 3 owners.
Pictures were taken by one of the customers, who bought Kagu floor liners for his Tesla 3.
These pictures of Kagu floor liners in the Tesla Model 3 were taken by the owner.
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Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
by Eric on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

I’d love to buy a set of your All-Weather Floor Liners for Tesla Model 3, but the 3D logo is so large and hard to ignore. I’d hit buy right now if you had a version without the logo. They look awesome otherwise and the unanimous glowing reviews confirm the quality.

by Elliot on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

I absolutely love the Kagu mats for my Model 3. My wife gave them to me for Christmas. They look awesome! I only wish they had matching mats for the front trunk, and rear trunk well. A deep bucket shape, like about 6+ inches inside that well, would be superb. I would like to maintain the functionality of the well lid. What if you made a U shaped mat for the back and a replacement, matching plastic lid for the well? I would buy all of them!

by Dean on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

I ordered front and rear passenger mats for my Model 3 and absolutely LOVE them!   In fact, I love them so much that I have decided to not even by another brand for my trunk and frunk. 

by Amanda on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

I love interior of my Model 3, and I ordered the mats that will look right in it. The Model 3 is not the vehicle to get a set of universal Walmart mats into it, and is not a truck for heavy-duty liners. So far, these are the only liners that look right in the Model 3. I love the way they fit, they do not slide. Hope they will last.

by Charley on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

I had to wait for 5 weeks for the mats, as there is high demand for these 3D liners for the Model 3. I got the mats and now I understand, why people wait that long. The mats are awesome! They do not look like the mats for the truck. And they do not have that rubber stink.

by Jeff on Tesla Model 3 Kagu Floor Liners

Ordered a set of the 3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats for my wife’s Lexus and got a set for my Model 3. I totallt like the loo and fit!

Floor Liners by Make & Model

3D Liners are available for the most popular cars, trucks and SUVs that are used by the Americans. These mats are a popular and cost-effective alternative to Weathertech, and unlike Husky liners do not contain any components that fall under the Prop 65. 3D MAXpider mats fit right and protect floor area from dirt, dust, slush, particles, etc. You can check the floor mats for your vehicle to determine, whether that is the look you are into.