Tesla Model 3 Smoked Headlights

Many aftermarket headlight manufacturers offer custom headlights with smoked lenses. Such lights are a direct replacement for OEM headlight assemblies.

However, at the moment it’s hard to find quality aftermarket headlights for the Tesla Model 3. So, many owners have their headlights smoked by themselves or in a shop.

Tesla Model 3 Smoked Headlights

How to tint headlights?

There are 2 possible ways to get the exterior lenses of your headlights smoked. You can either add a wrap on the outer side of the headlights or have the polycarbonate lenses airbrushed from the inside.

What kind of smoked headlights is better?

Well, both are good. Yet, different car owners have different preferences: some say, that the headlight wrap looks great, some think that getting lenses painted is a better option.

It’s fair to say, that if you get the lenses wrapped, you can remove the tint in some time and get clear lenses again. But, if you have the headlights painted, it will be hard to remove this paint if you wish to. So, it’s up to you to decide, what kind of smoked headlights is the best option for your Model 3.

What headlight wrap is the best for the Model 3?

We will provide several options for you to consider. Each of them has its pros and cons. Yet, these 5 are considered the best headlight tint kits for the Tesla Model 3.
ProductColors & DesignsSpecs & Features
Xpel Headlight and Fog Light Protection KitAvailable in 3 colors:
VLT 25%
VLT 35%
VLT 50%
PVT with scratch-resistant coating;
Easy to install and remove;
Optically clear adhesive;
Made in USA.
WLKE Headlight Tint & Protect WrapAvailable in 2 colors:
light smoke;
dark smoke.
TPU material;
Shaped to fit Tesla Model 3;
BlingLights Headlight Overlay FilmIs available in 1 color: medium smokedHeadlight and fog light protection;
Fits Tesla 3 and Model Y;
Does not discolor or bubble with time.
SlikMod Pre-Cut Headlight TintAvailable in 2 colors:
VLT 20% (dark smoke)
VLT 35% (light smoke)

Available in 3 designs:
Fog light & headlight;
Headlight eyelid;
Fog light.
Made of vinyl;
Pre-cut for exact kit and easy installation;
For headlights and fog lights.
Bogar Headlight TintAvailable in dark smoke only

5 designs for the Model 3:
Full kit;
Headlight eyelid;
Fog lights;
Side markers;
Impacts light output;
Adds blacked out look;
Comes with a spare set if something goes wrong during the installation.

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